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Fleurish is a floral design studio rooted in Seattle, Washington.


It debuted in 1997 and continues to seek out beauty, taking cues from nature and the ever-changing seasons of the Pacific Northwest. We shop fresh daily since we have opted not to have a cooler. Most likely, we never will. The ritual of going to the wholesalers, as well as supporting our local farmers, inspire and inform our seasonal designs.

In our free time, we tend our own evolving garden, cultivating an additional source of flowers, fruit-bearing limbs, and unusual foliage. 


From our studio, we provide a range of services from individual deliveries to bespoke weddings and occasions. Away from Seattle, we love traveling to collaborate on destination events.


On a personal note, we are Nisha and Amir. We work together and live together. They say that it can be a blessing or a curse. Luckily for us, we share a mutual love of flowers and the beauty they offer us and others so generously.


We also happen to agree that nature is our greatest muse.

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